Commercial Wood Fencing – The 5 Best Types

Commercial wood fencing offers a versatile and aesthetically pleasing solution for businesses looking to enhance security, privacy, and curb appeal.

This guide will explore the various types of commercial wood fence, detailing their unique features and benefits.

Understanding these options will assist you in selecting the best fence for your commercial property.

Introduction to Commercial Wood Fencing

commercial grade wood fence and gates

What is a Commercial Wood Fencing?

Commercial wood fencing is a barrier constructed from high-quality wood, designed to meet the specific needs of commercial properties.

Installing a commercial wood fence has many advantages and can serve multiple purposes, including security, privacy, boundary definition, and aesthetic enhancement.

They come in various styles, heights, and designs, tailored to suit different business environments.

Similar in construction to their residential counterparts, commercial wood fences are usually constructed using materials of thicker or heavier dimensions. 

Here at R&T Fence Company, our commercial wood fences feature upgraded framework consisting of larger posts and additional stringers.

Why Choose Wood for Commercial Fencing?

Wood is a popular choice for commercial fences due to its natural beauty, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

Unlike other materials, wood can be easily customized to match the architectural style of any property.

Additionally, wood fences can be stained or painted in various colors, providing a wide range of design possibilities.

They are also relatively easy to install and maintain, making them a practical choice for many businesses.

However, it is important to know of potential commercial wood fence problems when researching your options for fencing. 

We stock a surplus of commercial wood fencing materials on hand, preventing long lead times if a fence should need repairs or maintenance.

Picket Style Commercial Wood Fencing

4' tall 1x6 wood picket dog ear fence

Overview of Picket Fences

Picket fences are characterized by their evenly spaced vertical boards, known as pickets, which are attached to horizontal rails.

This type of fence is often associated with a classic, traditional look, making it a popular choice for commercial properties that want to convey a welcoming and professional image.

Because we custom build our wood fences onsite, we have the ability to offer picket fence designs to meet your needs and personal taste. 

Options range from various picket widths, the design cut into the top of each picket and the amount of space between each picket.  

Benefits of Picket Fences for Commercial Properties

Aesthetic Appeal: Picket fences add charm and visual interest to commercial properties, enhancing curb appeal.

  Visibility: The gaps between the pickets allow for visibility while still defining property boundaries, sidewalks or walkways.

Customization: Picket fences can be customized in terms of height, width, and picket shape to match the style of the property.

Solid Board Commercial Wood Fencing

commercial wood solid board fence

Characteristics of Solid Board Fence

Solid board fences consist of tightly fitted vertical boards that provide complete privacy and form a solid barrier.

While still considered "solid". The pickets will shrink and retract during the drying period. As a result, leaving small spaces between each picket. 

This type of fencing is ideal for businesses that require high levels of security and privacy.

Solid board fences are also great for screening unsightly equipment such as generators and air conditioning units. They are often used for dumpster enclosures. 

Solid Board Fence Uses in Commercial Settings

Security: The solid construction deters intruders and prevents unauthorized access.

Privacy: These fences are perfect for commercial properties that need to shield sensitive areas from view, such as storage yards or private courtyards.

Noise Reduction: The solid boards can help reduce noise from outside, creating a quieter environment within the property.

Shadowbox Commercial Wood Fencing

8' shadowbox wood privacy fence

Understanding Shadowbox Fences

Shadowbox fences are constructed with alternating boards on each side of the central rails, creating a visually appealing design that looks the same from both sides.

This type of commercial wood fencing offers a balance between privacy and airflow.

From a perpendicular sight line, you cannot see through a shadowbox fence. However, on a hard angle, some light and air will be visible. 

Our shadowbox fences feature true 6" wide pickets with only 3-1/2" space between them.

This results in an overlap of 1-1/4" on each side of the space when the opposing picket is attached to the rail.

The louvered design on shadowbox fencing provides a balance of privacy as well as adequate ventilation and air flow. 

Uses for Shadowbox Fences

Privacy and Aesthetics: While providing a good level of privacy, shadowbox fences also allow for air circulation and a sense of openness.

Durability: The design is less likely to be affected by wind, making it a durable option for various weather conditions.

Neighbor-Friendly: The identical appearance on both sides makes it an attractive choice for properties that share boundaries with neighboring businesses.

Board-on-Board and Batten Board Fences

board on board wood dumpster enclosure

What is Board-on-Board or Batten Board Fencing?

Board-on-board and batten board fences consist of overlapping vertical boards that create a sturdy and visually appealing barrier.

Similar in construction to shadowbox fence. However, all of the pickets are fastened to the rails on the same side.

As a result, this commercial wood fencing design ensures that there are no gaps, providing complete privacy.

Advantages of Board-on-Board Fences

Enhanced Privacy: The overlapping design ensures there are no gaps, making it impossible to see through the fence.

Durability: The double layer of boards adds strength and durability, making it a long-lasting option.

Aesthetic Flexibility: These fences can be stained or painted to match the desired aesthetic of the property.

Horizontal Slat Fences

horizontal wood slat fence

Introduction to Horizontal Slat Fences

Horizontal slat fences feature horizontal boards attached to vertical posts, creating a modern and sleek appearance.

Options for horizontal slat fencing include various widths of the horizontal slats as well as the amount of gap between each slat. 

This type of fencing is becoming increasingly popular in commercial settings for its contemporary look.

R&T Fence Pro Tip: Horizontal slat fencing looks best when installed on flat or level ground. Try to avoid installations on hilly or sloping grades. Changes in grade with result in a stepped look. 

Why Choose Horizontal Slat Fences?

Modern Aesthetic: The clean lines and modern design of horizontal slat fences enhance the visual appeal of commercial properties

Customizable Spacing: The spacing between slats can be adjusted to balance privacy and visibility according to the business’s needs.

Versatility: These fences can be made from various types of wood and can be finished in different colors to match the property’s design.

Benefits of Commercial Wood Fencing

Aesthetic Appeal

Commercial wood fencing offer a timeless and natural beauty that can enhance the overall look of any business property.

The versatility of wood allows for various design options, from traditional to contemporary, ensuring that the fence complements the property’s architecture and landscaping.

Security and Boundary Definition

Wood fences provide a clear boundary definition, helping to delineate property lines and prevent unauthorized access.

They can be built to various heights and designs to meet specific security needs, making them an effective solution for protecting commercial properties.


In conclusion, understanding the different types of commercial wood fencing can help businesses choose the right option for their needs.

Whether prioritizing security, privacy, aesthetic appeal, or a combination of these factors, commercial wood fence installation offers a versatile and effective solution.

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