Affordable and Rustic

Split Rail Fence

Split rail fencing offers a rustic feel and design perfect for designated property lines. gardens and landscape features. It's affordable and low maintenance. Adding of wire mesh makes it a functional containment solution. Available in 2 and 3 rail height options. 

split rail fence
NOt All FEnce is Created Equal

What Makes Our Split Rail Fence Better?

All of our split rail fences include jumbo rails. These larger circumference rails have a heavier look and added strength compared other rails. Our 11' long rails have paddle ends that overlap the next when installed. Average post spacing is approximately 10' on center. Our split rail gate posts are the only posts that get concreted into the ground. Providing a stable foundation to hang gates from. 

One trouble area with split rail fences is the gates. Traditional split rail gates are cumbersome and tend to sag very quickly once installed. As a result, we do not install traditional split rail gates. However, we do offer two solutions. The first is a steel framed wood picket gate. The second is an all black vinyl coated chain link gate. While we understand that these gates are not an exact match, we can assure you they they will provide years of trouble fee service when compared to the traditional split rail gate.

No Maintenance

Split rail fences are supposed to look rustic in nature. As a result, there really isn't any require maintenance once installed. Simply let the wood weather naturally.


Split rail fences can be installed as simple boundary fences that are unobtrusive and neighbor friendly. Or by adding a wire mesh the become functional for containment purposes. 

Life Expectancy

In dry areas, split rail fences will normally last 15 years or longer. Damp or wet areas will reduce the life of your split rail fence. Unfortunately, there is no manufacturer warranty on split rail fences. 


2 and 3 rail designs with the option for welded wire, woven wire or chain link wire mesh allows you to customize your split rail fence to meet your needs. 

Split Rail Gate Options

Wood Picket Split Rail Gates

Our wood picket gates feature welded steel frames in order to prevent warping or sagging. They also offer more hardware options as compared to traditional split rail fence gates. Available in both single and double gate configurations depending on need. Single gate widths range from 3' to 5' wide. Double gate widths range between 6' and 10' wide.

wood picket split rail fence gate
chain link split rail fence gate

Chain Link Split Rail Gates

Our black vinyl chain link gates are strong but light. Easy to open and close. We set round terminal posts next to the split rail posts which allows us to have all of the hardware options that a traditional chain link gate would have. Just like wood picket gates, both single and double gate configurations are available. Single gate widths range 3' to 6' wide. Double gate widths range from 6' to 12' wide. 

Split Rail Fencing Applications

Split rail fences are commonly used in rural settings to mark property lines, contain livestock in pastures and maintain a rustic aesthetic. They are also found in parks and historic sites to define trails, mark boundaries, and preserve a traditional look. They are commonly installed on residential properties, creating a rustic charm. The addition of a wire mesh backing provides safe containment for pet's and children.

  • Parks and Historic Sites
  • Pets
  • Children
  • Gardens

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