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Commercial Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fence is popular due to it's good looks and, lack of maintenance and lifetime warranty. Commercial aluminum fence features larger dimensions for the horizontal rails and vertical pickets. We also use larger posts with heavier wall thicknesses.

commercial aluminum fence


Attractive & Effective Aluminum Fence

Our commercial grade aluminum fences combine the perfect blend of aesthetics, strength and affordability. Featuring lifetime warranties and without the maintenance. Once installed, your aluminum fence will provide you with years of trouble free service. Whether it's perimeter security or curb appeal you're after, these gorgeous fences are both secure and good looking. 

If you're looking for options......we have them. Our commercial aluminum fence comes in a variety of options including, height, grade, design, picket spacing and color. If that wasn't enough, we have a variety of adornments such as rings, finials, ball caps and scrolls that can give your fence a truly custom look. We even have commercial aluminum fence privacy styles.

Design Options

We offer six total designs. From flat top to picket top and everything in between. The addition of puppy picket and royale style picket spacing provides even more design options. 

Color Options

Our commercial aluminum fence comes in five standard colors. Unlike other types of fencing, color does not effect the price of the fence. We can even match custom colors if required.

Maintenance Free

Aluminum fence is maintenance free. It will never warp, crack or twist. You will never have to paint, stain or seal it either. Once installed, simply let it do its job for decades to come.

Gate Options

Swing gates in both single and double leaf configurations and cantilever rolling gates can be custom built accommodate almost any gate width or opening.  Both manual and electric options are available.

 Commercial Aluminum Fence Gate Options

Swing Gates

Our aluminum swing gates come in both single and double leaf designs. From simple man gates to driveway gates cover large widths. Swing gates are more affordable then other types of gates. However, they also require more room for operation. Want your gate to stand out from the rest of the fence? An arched gate helps to designate gate openings as well as adding extra flare and style to the fence. 

black aluminum fence double gate
cantilever estate gates

Cantilever Gates

Aluminum cantilever gates are great for wider openings, driveways and controlling traffic. Cantilever gates roll parallel to the fence line, requiring less room in front or behind the gate to open and close when compared to swing gates. When combined with an electric gate operator, they are more reliable and require less time to open and close. 

Commercial Aluminum Fence Applications

You can find commerical aluminum fence everywhere. Versatile enough to fit many applications and needs. From small patio enclosures at restaurants and bars to public parks and swimming pools, to full perimeter security fences for businesses and factories. We have commercial grade aluminum fence to suit your needs. 

  • Schools / Playgrounds
  • Factories / Businesses
  • Sports Parks / Pools
  • Restaurants / Country Clubs 

Commercial Aluminum Fence Gallery

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