Protection and Safety

Steel Bollards

Steel bollards are commonly used for traffic management and perimeter security, providing a physical barrier to protect buildings, storefronts, and pedestrian areas from vehicle collisions. They also serve as visual markers and deterrents, guiding traffic flow and preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas.

steel bollards
Durability and Strength

Steel Bollards and Covers

Steel bollards serve a multitude of purposes in various environments, from safeguarding storefronts and pedestrian walkways to directing traffic flow and protecting buildings from accidental vehicle impacts. These sturdy barriers are essential for enhancing safety and security, particularly in high-traffic areas where collisions or unauthorized access pose significant risks.

By integrating vinyl covers onto steel bollards, not only do they offer an added layer of protection against corrosion and wear, but they also open up endless possibilities for customization. Vinyl covers allow for the application of custom looks and colors, seamlessly blending with surrounding aesthetics or standing out as vibrant visual cues. Whether matching corporate branding, complementing architectural design, or enhancing visibility for traffic management, vinyl-covered steel bollards offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal in diverse settings.

Size Options

Steel bollards are available in multiple sizes depending on the use and task they are asked to perform. 4", 6" and 8" diameters are all standard sizes. 

Strength & Security

Steel bollards add a layer of defense protecting buildings and store fronts from accidental impacts from vehicles, forklifts and commercial equipment. 

Installation Options

Surface mounted options are perfect when digging or excavation is not feasible. When extra strength is required, our in ground bollards are the answer. 


Our vinyl covers allow customers to choose from various colors and reflective tape options. We even offer steel bollard covers that have a granite appearance. 

 Steel Bollard Options

Surface Mounted Bollards

Surface mounted steel bollards are commonly used for perimeter security and traffic control, offering a visible barrier without the need for excavation. These bollards are typically bolted onto existing surfaces such as concrete or asphalt for quick installation and flexibility in placement.

single rail bolt down indoor steel guard rail
steel bollards with granite covers

In Ground Installed Bollards

Bollards that are concreted into the ground offer unparalleled durability and strength, providing reliable protection against vehicular intrusion or accidental impacts. Additionally, their fixed installation enhances safety and security, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring controlled traffic flow in designated areas.

Steel Bollard Applications

In industrial and warehouse settings, steel bollards are frequently installed around loading docks, machinery, and valuable equipment to prevent accidental collisions by forklifts, pallet jacks, or other heavy machinery. They are also strategically placed along pathways and work zones to delineate pedestrian areas and provide protection against vehicular traffic within the facility. Additionally, steel bollards may be utilized to create barriers around hazardous areas or sensitive equipment to enhance workplace safety and prevent damage.

  • Loading Docks
  • Warehouses / Factories
  • Machinery / Valuable Equipment
  • Pedestrian / Vehicular Traffic

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