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Wire Cages, Partitions & Tool Cribs

Expanded wire mesh and chain link partitions, tool cribs and cages are frequently found in industrial environments, creating secure enclosures for storing equipment, tools, or inventory, providing both visibility and ventilation while ensuring protection against theft and unauthorized access. They are also utilized for trucker containment within warehouses and for partitioning walkways, enhancing safety by delineating designated pathways and restricting access to restricted areas.

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Versitile and Customizable

Wire Cages, Partitions and Tool Cribs

Partitions, tool cribs, and wire cages play crucial roles in warehouse and industrial settings, offering organization, security, and safety. In warehouses, partitions are used to separate different areas, such as storage sections, assembly lines, or administrative offices. Tool cribs provide secure storage for valuable tools and equipment, preventing loss or theft while ensuring easy access for authorized personnel. Wire cages are utilized to create enclosures for sensitive materials, hazardous substances, or high-value inventory.

When comparing construction materials, chain link fencing and welded wire mesh offer distinct advantages. Chain link fencing, known for its durability and visibility, is often used for larger enclosures due to its robustness and cost-effectiveness. It provides excellent airflow and visibility, making it suitable for areas where monitoring is necessary.

Welded wire mesh provides enhanced security and aesthetics, making it ideal for tool cribs or smaller enclosures within warehouses. Its solid construction offers greater resistance to tampering or intrusion, making it suitable for protecting valuable assets or sensitive materials. Welded wire mesh partitions and wire cages also offer customization options, such as various mesh sizes and wire gauges, allowing for tailored solutions to meet specific security requirements.

Design Options

Our wire cages, tool cribs and partitions are designed to meet your specifications. Gate options include swing gates and rolling gates with locking hardware and or panic bars. 

Highly Visible

Both welded wire mesh and chain link fence wire cages provide excellent visibility. Perfect monitoring tools and equipment and security checks. They also provide great ventilation when used to contain electric equipment.

Strong and Durable

Our posts are constructed from 4x4 square steel tubing with 8"x8"x1/2" welded plates. Resulting in a load rating of 10,000 pounds at 5 MPH.


Whatever the layout, we can accommodate. From a small 8x8 enclosure for storing sensitive files to partitioning warehouse space from one end to the other. We can build a system to suit your needs. 

Cage, Partition and Tool Crib Options

Chain Link Systems

Tool cribs and partitions made from chain link fence are beneficial because they offer a cost-effective solution for securing valuable tools and equipment while providing visibility and airflow. Their durable construction ensures longevity, and they can be easily customized to fit various space requirements. Additionally, chain link fences are quick to install and can adapt to different environments, making them a versatile option for industrial settings.

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welded wire cage

Welded Wire Cages

Tool cribs and partitions made from welded wire mesh offer enhanced security and durability. The solid construction of these welded wire cages provides a strong barrier against unauthorized access and tampering. Additionally, welded wire mesh partitions can be customized with various mesh sizes and wire gauges to meet specific security needs, making them ideal for safeguarding sensitive materials or high-value inventory in industrial settings.

Wire Cages, Tool Cribs and Partitions

Cages, tool cribs, and partitions are utilized in warehouses and industrial settings to organize inventory, secure valuable tools, and delineate different work areas. They help optimize space usage, enhance security, and ensure efficient workflow management.

  • Protecting IT Equipment
  • Trucker Cages
  • Delineating Walkways
  • Tool Cribs, Secure Storage

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