Warehouse Safety, Security and Protection

R&T Fence is proud to offer a full line of warehouse safety and security products. More than just fencing, we accommodate your warehouse needs, providing both indoor and outdoor guard rail systems, chain link fence and expanded wire tool cribs, cages and partitions, hand railing and steel bollard solutions. 

warehouse safety indoor guard rail

Warehouse Safety Solutions

At R&T Fence, we understand the paramount importance of safety within warehouse environments, where the seamless flow of operations hinges on the security and protection of both personnel and assets. That's why we offer a comprehensive array of warehouse safety protection services designed to mitigate the risk of accidents caused by tow motors or vehicles.

Our lineup of warehouse safety products includes outdoor and indoor guard rails engineered with robust materials to withstand impact and prevent collisions. Additionally, our tool cages and partitions, constructed from both expanded wire mesh and chain link fence, provide secure enclosures to safeguard valuable equipment and segregate workspace areas. Complementing these measures are our galvanized steel hand railings and steel bollard posts, strategically installed to delineate pathways and reinforce structural integrity. 

Secure Your Assets

Our wire mesh partitions, tool cribs and trucker cages are engineered to provide unparalleled security and safety within warehouse settings. Crafted with high-quality materials, these partitions serve as formidable barriers against unauthorized access and theft, effectively safeguarding valuable tools and equipment. Our wire mesh designs offers optimal visibility, allowing for easy monitoring of inventory while maintaining a secure environment. Whether it's protecting sensitive machinery or valuable assets, our partitions, tool cribs and cages offer a reliable solution to enhance security measures, ensuring peace of mind for businesses and their valuable resources.

Tow Motor and Motor Vehicle Safety

Our indoor and outdoor guard rails stand as robust barriers against the potential hazards posed by tow motors and vehicles within warehouse and industrial environments. Engineered with durability and warehouse safety in mind, our guard rails provide essential protection by effectively delineating pedestrian walkways, machinery zones, and storage areas. These guard rails serve as critical safeguards, helping to prevent accidents and collisions that can result in injury or damage to property. Whether indoors or outdoors, our guard rails offer peace of mind, ensuring a safe environment for employees, equipment, and operations alike.

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Warehouse Safety and Protection Products

Indoor Guard Rail Systems

Indoor guard rails are crucial for warehouse safety. Perfect for defining walk ways and corridors and protecting walls, electrical boxes and piping adjacent to tow motor traffic.  Our bolt down design is tow motor rated and comes pre-painted in safety yellow. Available in two rail and single rail configurations to meet your needs.

yellow bolt down indoor guard rail
outdoor galvanized guard rail

Outdoor Guard Rail Systems

Our galvanized outdoor guard rail systems are perfect for warehouse roadways, parking lots and loading docks ramps. Depending on the specific requirements, post spacing for guardrail can be set at 6' or 12' on center. Both wood posts and steel I-beam posts are available. 

Warehouse Tool Cribs, Trucker Cages and Partitions

Available in both chain link fence and expanded metal options. We custom build trucker cages, tool cribs and partitions to meet your specifications. Our bolt down posts allow for both permanent and temporary structures based on design and project criteria. Custom built gates allow for a variety of styles, widths and locking options.

indoor wire cage tool crib
galvanized modular railing

Modular Handrailing

Our galvanized steel handrailing offer weldless tubular fittings allowing us to customize your railing needs on the fly. Perfect for warehouse walkways and mezzanines. Constructed from 1-7/8" diameter galvanized pipe. Our handrails are fully customizable to height and number of horizontal of rails.  

Steel Bollards

Steel bollards for warehouse safety are used to prevent damage to overhead door jams, electric transformers, water risers and dumpster enclosures. We offer both bolt down and inground installation options at 4" and 6" diameters. Plastic bollard covers offer a wide range of styles and colors. 

steel bollards with yellow covers
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