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Indoor Guardrail

Bolt down indoor guardrail is utilized in warehouses to create designated pathways and protect sensitive equipment and personnel from accidental collisions with machinery or vehicles. Its secure anchoring system ensures stability and durability, providing a reliable safety solution for navigating high-traffic areas and minimizing the risk of workplace accidents.

indoor guardrail
Strong and Durable

Bolt Down Indoor Guardrail

Indoor guardrail is an essential safety feature in warehouses, serving a crucial role in mitigating the risks associated with tow motors and other heavy machinery. By creating clearly defined pathways and barriers, this type of guardrail helps to channel the flow of traffic, preventing accidents and collisions that could result in injury or damage to property. The secure anchoring system of bolt-down guardrail ensures stability even in high-traffic areas, providing a reliable defense against the unpredictable movements of tow motors. Additionally, its sturdy construction acts as a physical barrier, effectively protecting sensitive equipment and personnel from potential harm. In the dynamic environment of a warehouse, bolt-down guard rail is an indispensable safety measure, promoting a secure workplace for all employees and minimizing the likelihood of accidents.

Design Options

Available in 18" tall single and 42" tall double and triple rail designs. Our indoor guardrail is available in widths from 2' to 10' in length allowing for the perfect fit for any application. 

Highly Visible

High-vis yellow enhances visibility, reducing the risk of accidents, making hazardous areas more noticeable. Its yellow color draws attention to safety measures and promotes safety protocols.

Strong and Durable

Our posts are constructed from 4x4 square steel tubing with 8"x8"x1/2" welded plates. Resulting in a load rating of 10,000 pounds at 5 MPH.


Removable lift out rails allow for easy access when needed without the need for tools. Perfect when access to service panels or when servicing machinery. 

 Indoor Guardrail Options

18" Single Guardrail

Single rail indoor guardrail is great for delineating walkways adding protection from tow motors, forklifts and industrial carts. The 18" high railing system is also commonly used as pallet stops, preventing damage to both interior and exterior walls. 

18" tall indoor guardrail
yellow bolt down 2 rail indoor guardrail

42" 2 Rail Guardrail

42" 2-rail indoor guardrail is commonly used for pedestrian safety, offices, utilities, conveyors and other valuable machinery or equipment in industrial and commercial settings. The extra height and rail provides more protection as well as extra visibility.

Bolt Down Guardrail Applications

Indoor guardrail is utilized in various industrial and commercial settings, such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities, to enhance safety by preventing and controlling access to hazardous areas. These guardrails provide crucial protection for workers and equipment, ensuring a secure environment and minimizing the risk of accident

  • Manufacturing Facilites
  • Warehouses / Factories
  • Freezers / Coolers
  • Machine Shops / Fabricators

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