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Commercial Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence has been installed in both commercial and industrial settings for over 100 years. And for good reason. They are affordable, functional and require no maintenance or upkeep. At R&T Fence, we listen to our customers needs and design our chain link fences to meet your specifications and requirements. 

commercial chain link fence

Commercial Chain Link Fence to Meet Your Demands

Commercial grade chain link fences are designed to meet your specific needs and application. With countless options and configurations, we can help design a chain link fence that will keep your property contained and secure. The framework on our commercial and industrial chain link fencing uses larger diameters pipe with heavier wall thicknesses. As a result creating a solid foundation. 

Our commercial chain link fence features heavier gauge wire mesh. Starting with 9 gauge core wire, we also have 8 gauge and 6 gauge options when strength is of the utmost of importance. All of our chain link fences are available in galvanized and vinyl coated options. 

For added security, barbed wire can be installed in both 3 strand and 6 strand configurations. Razor coil wire is also available for the ultimate in security. The addition of wind screening or vinyl privacy slats transforms the open look and design of chain link fencing into a no maintenance privacy fence. 

Design Options

Whether you need a 3' tall  or a 20' tall commercial chain link fence, we have the solution for you. Need extra security? Add 3 strands of barbed wire to the top of your fence. 

Color Options

Most commercial and industrial chain link fences have a silver color resulting from the galvanized coating. However, chain link comes in other colors too. With black being the most popular color. 

Maintenance Free

Most people don't think of chain link fences when thinking maintenance free. But they are! Once installed, commercial chain link fence provides years of service without the need for maintenance.

Gate Options

Swing gates in both single and double leaf configurations and cantilever rolling gates can be custom built accommodate almost any gate width or opening.  Both manual and electric options are available.

 Commercial Chain Link Fence Gate Options

Commercial Swing Gates

Our chain link swing gates come in both single and double leaf designs. From simple man gates to double driveway gates, swing gates are the most affordable option when room for gate operation permits. Chain link fence gate hardware offers a wide variety of options. From simple hinges with fork latches to self closing hinges and panic bar hardware. 

commercial chain link fence swing gates
cantilver chain link gate

Cantilever Gates

Our wood double gates combine two  single gates that meet in the middle. As a result, gate openings of twice the width of single gates can be achieved. The same welded steel frames featured on our single gates are also included on all wood double gates. Sometime referred to double drive gates, the wider opening offered by these gates are perfect for driveways or for large lawn equipment. 

Commercial Chain Link Fence Applications

The thing that makes chain link fence different than other types of fencing materials is its versatility. From small fence enclosures surrounding generators and utilities to sports parks, factories and schools. You can find chain link fence anywhere you look.

  • Schools
  • Factories / Businesses
  • Sports Parks
  • Cell Towers

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