Strength and Durability

Outdoor Guardrail

Outdoor guardrails provide enhanced safety by preventing vehicles and equipment from veering off course, reducing the risk of accidents and property damage in warehouses and industrial settings. Additionally, they offer clear demarcation and guidance for vehicular traffic, optimizing workflow and ensuring efficient operations.

galvanized outdoor guardrail

W-Beam Guardrail

Galvanized W-beam guardrails are highly beneficial for industrial properties due to their sturdy construction and corrosion-resistant coating. These guardrails provide essential protection against accidental collisions with machinery, equipment, and structures within industrial settings. By effectively redirecting and absorbing impact energy, they minimize the risk of damage to valuable assets and infrastructure while ensuring the safety of personnel. Unlike indoor guardrail, the galvanized coating enhances durability, enabling the guardrails to withstand harsh environmental conditions commonly found in industrial environments, such as moisture, chemicals, and abrasion. Overall, galvanized W-beam guardrails are a reliable and cost-effective solution for enhancing safety and protecting assets in industrial facilities.

Design Options

Guardrail is pretty standard in it look and design. However, there are options. Wood or steel posts is one. Post spacing is another. With 6'3" or 12'6" on center being most popular.


The primary benefit of a guardrail is its ability to provide a safe barrier, effectively reducing the risk of accidents and minimizing potential injuries or damage.

Strong and Durable

The w-beam design of guardrail adds strength. Allowing it to absorb and deflect impacts. The galvanized coating are corrosion resistant, as a result adding life expectancy to your investment.

Install Options

Guard rail posts can be set into the dirt and secured in place with concrete footings or have be mounted directly to concrete with the use of a welded steel plate. 

 Outdoor Guardrail Options

Guardrail Installed in Ground

Most guardrails found along roadsides and edges of parking lots have the posts installed into the dirt with concrete footings. Posts can be spaced either 12'6" on center for slow moving lighter traffic or 6'3" on center for heavier traffic and higher speeds. Offset blocks are used to extend the guardrail over curbing where necessary.

guardrail with flare
outdoor galvanized guardrail

Surface Mounted Guardrail 

Surface mounted guardrails have steel posts with welded plates. This allows us to bolt down the posts onto existing concrete driveways or pads without the need for saw cutting or core drilling. Bolt down guardrails are commonly used loading docks, protecting generators and transformers and parallel to fence lines and cantilever rolling gates. 

Outdoor Guardrail Applications

Outdoor guardrails can be used in various settings such as highways, roads, bridges, parking lots, industrial facilities, warehouses, construction sites, and recreational areas to enhance safety by preventing vehicles, pedestrians, or equipment from straying off designated paths or areas.

  • Parking Lots
  • Roadways
  • Loading Docks
  • Generator / Transformer Pads

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