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Commercial Wood Fence

Wood fencing is commonly used for commercial and industrial properties. Dumpster enclosures and privacy screenings between neighboring properties are common uses. Our custom commercial wood fences are stick built onsite to your specifications and needs. 

commercial wood fence

Custom Built Commercial Wood Fence

Our wood fences, whether for commercial or industrial use, are akin to our residential counterparts in many aspects. However, there are several enhancements we make to ensure they meet the rigorous demands required by commercial wood fence.

To begin with, we bolster the strength of the fences by upgrading the posts from standard 4x4s to either 4x6s or 6x6s, providing greater stability. In many cases, we utilize steel posts in combination with wood framework to offer superior strength and prevent rotting or decay over time. Steel posts can also be directly mounted to concrete when necessary.

Furthermore, the horizontal rails or stringers of our commercial wood fence can be reinforced for added durability. This can be achieved by either increasing the number of rails per section or using heavier 2x6 rails instead of the standard 2x4s.

The gates we build for commercail wood fence set us apart from the competition. Fabricated with welded steel frames to prevent sagging, warping or twisting. We also include steel gate posts on most applications in order to provide added strength and durability. 

Design Options

Our proven designs are picket, solid board, shadowbox and board on board. However, our experienced team can build almost any wood fence to your specifications. 

Custom Built

We do not use premade fence sections or panels. This allows us to custom build your fence onsite using heavier grade materials. 

Low Maintenance 

We use all pressure treated yellow pine lumber. Designed to stand up against the elements. 

Gate Options

Our steel framed gates are stronger than wooden gate frames. Preventing sagging or warping with durable welded construction. 

 Commercial Wood Fence Gate Options

Steel Framed Swing Gates

Whether it's a simple pedestrian gate or a twenty foot wide double gate, all of our wood gates have welded galvanized steel frames. We then screw horizontal wood rails to the gate frames which allow us to fasten the pickets to the frames using traditional wood screws. Steel posts proved strength and allow for more hardware options for both the hinges and latches. 

commercial wood fenc and gates

Commercial Wood Fence Applications

Wood fences are used for all types of commercial and industrial purposes. Privacy screening between neighboring properties and dumpster enclosures are most common. 

  • Developments
  • Factories / Businesses
  • Dumpster Enclosures
  • Apartment Complexes

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