Chain Link Fence

Chain link is the most widely installed fencing material. And for good reason, it's affordable and functional. Chain link fence can be customized to fit almost every application. Height, size of framework, size of mesh and color are all available options when purchasing a chain link fence. 

black vinyl chain link fence
Not All Fence is Created Equal

What Makes Our Chain Link Fence Better?

Chain link fencing has remained largely unchanged in design and materials for over a century. While most manufacturers offer quality materials, our differentiation lies in our installation methods.

We begin with the posts, ensuring each one is securely embedded in concrete and given ample time to set before installing the wire mesh. Our use of longer terminal posts allows for deeper anchoring into the ground, ensuring strong connections and stable gate posts. We opt for heavier grade posts and top rail, providing a more robust framework compared to materials commonly found at home improvement centers.

All of our residential chain link fences include a bottom tension wire for added stability. Additionally, we fabricate and weld our gates in-house after the posts are set to ensure a proper fit.

No Maintenance

Chain link fence does not require any maintenance. Once installed, enjoy years of worry free service. 

Secure Containment

Chain link fence provides safe and secure containment. Perfect for swimming pool security and keeping both children and pets safe.

15 Warranty

All of our chain link fences include a 15 year manufacturer warranty against rust or corrosion. 


Galvanized, vinyl coated fabric on galvanized framework and all vinyl coated options are available. Heights range from 3' to 6' tall. Colors come in green, black and brown.

Chain Link Fence Gate Options

Single Leaf Chain Link Gates

Single chain link gates are perfect for allowing pedestrian traffic to enter and exit the fenced area. With wider single gates allowing for small yard equipment to pass. Our standard widths range from 3', 4', 5' and 6' wide. However, all of our chain link gates are fabricated in house. Customizable to fit any opening. 

black vinyl coated chain link fence gate
galvanized chain link fence double gates

Double Leaf Chain Link Gates

Our double leaf chain link gates create much larger openings. Perfect for larger lawn tractors, trailers and vehicles. Constructed from two single gates which meet in the middle, standard openings are 6', 8' and 10' wide. Just like the single gates, we fabricate in house allowing for custom widths when required.

Chain Link Fencing Applications

The versatility of chain link fence lends itself to meet the demands of many residential applications. Swimming pools, pet and children containment and gardens are all common uses for chain link fencing.

  • Swimming Pools
  • Pets
  • Children
  • Gardens

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