Durable and Strong

Steel Fencing

Steel fencing comes in a variety of styles and designs. Ornamental steel fencing has the look of wrought iron without the costs. Stronger than aluminum, steel fencing is perfect when security is a priority. For the ultimate in security, steel palisade style fencing is unclimbable. Its intimidating look and design makes the clear statement to keep out.

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Durable and Strong

Steel Fencing Options

Ornamental steel fencing is constructed from hollow steel tubes used to form the vertical pickets and horizontal rails. The steel is galvanized before the powder coating process. As a result, providing a durable finish that made to withstand the elements for decades. 

Steel palisade fencing uses flat stock steel for the vertical pickets and a specially designed rail that prevents climbing. I - beam posts provide the foundation for this maximum security fence. The vertical pickets, known as pales, attach with tamper proof fasteners and are available in a variety of designs to further deter climbing. 

Both styles of steel fence offer more strength than comparable aluminum designs. Often installed where security is top priority. Airports, data centers, public buildings, schools and large factories and businesses are common places to find steel fencing. More appealing to the eye than chain link, steel fencing is offered in many designs to meet the customers application and requirements. 

Strength / Durability

Steel fences are the strongest, longest lasting fences on the market. Designed to take on security challenges for decades. 

Secure & Aesthetic

Steel fencing is both good looking and intimidating. Many designs offer ornate features to add curb appeal to any property. At the same time, the send a clear message to keep out. 

Maintenance Free

Once installed, steel fence does not require maintenance. Providing peace of mind and security for decades.  

Gate Options

Swing gates in both single and double leaf configurations and cantilever rolling gates can be custom built accommodate almost any gate width or opening.  Both manual and electric options are available.

 Ornamental and Palisade Steel Fencing Options

Ornamental Steel Fencing

Designed with modern materials to have the look of wrought iron fence while providing more strength and security than aluminum fence. Ornamental steel fencing comes in many grades, heights and designs to fit almost any application. The added strength of steel combined with durable weather proof coatings create a fencing solution that will last for decades. Perfect for schools, parks, businesses and high end residential properties. 

palisade steel fencing

Steel Palisade Fencing

Steel palisade fencing offers the ultimate in security while still maintaining a aesthetically pleasing look when compared to other security fences such as chain link fencing. Height and rail configurations are available as well as pale shapes and designs. These high security fences are perfect for data / communication centers, government / military buildings or any other high security facility or property. 

Steel Fencing Applications

Security and Strength are two reasons customers consider steel fencing solutions. Strong and durable, these fences stand the test of time. Combining good looks with functionality. As a result makin them popular choices for parks, schools, businesses and government faculties. 

  • Data Centers
  • Factories / Businesses
  • Sports Parks
  • Government Buildings

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