Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing offers the look of wrought iron fencing without the cost or maintenance. Combining beautiful designs with functionality. Aluminum fence is a perfect solution for those looking for extra curb appeal or complete property containment and security. Options include height, grade, style, picket spacing and colors. 

black aluminum fence
Not All Fence is Created Equal

What Makes Our Aluminum Fence Better?

We go above and beyond in every aluminum fence installation we do and the proof is in the small details. We start off by using posts that are 12" longer than the manufacturers recommended length. This allows us to set the posts in concrete footers deeper into the ground, resulting in a much more reliable installation. We also upgrade all of our gate posts to a larger size than the rest of the posts. This provides a more stable foundation on which to hang the gates from. 

All of our gates feature a 2" square welded "U" frame for extra strength and support. Preventing any chance of your gate sagging overtime. We also upgrade our gate hardware to include self closing hinges and self latching latches with keyed locks.

Because of our knowledge gained after over 36 years of residential fence installation experience, we've learn what it takes to provide our customers a quality installation we are proud to stand behind. 

No Maintenance

Aluminum fencing requires no maintenance or upkeep. Once installed, simply enjoy it for decades without the need to paint, seal or stain it. 

Neighbor Friendly

In most cities the "good" side of the fence is required to face outwards towards neighbor properties. Aluminum fence looks the same on both sides. 

Lifetime Warranty

Our aluminum fences come with lifetime manufacturer warranties. They will never rot, rust or warp. 


Customize your aluminum fence. Choose a height, color and design that best meets your design and taste. The addition of  adornments such as rings and finials provides a truly custom look.

Aluminum Fence Gate Options

Single Leaf Aluminum Gates

Often referred to as man gates or walk gates, single gates are available in a variety of widths. 3', 4', 5' and 6' wide gates are all standard sizes. Our aluminum gates feature a fully welded 2x2 "U" frame for added strength and come in flat top designs and arched designs. 

aluminum fence single man gate
black aluminum fence double gate

Double Leaf Aluminum Gates

Double gates are two single gates that meet in the middle without the need for a center latch post or upright. Also known as double drive gates. Offering twice the width opening when compared to single gates. A drop rod prevents the gates from swinging freely when in the closed position. Just like single gates, flat top and arched options are available. Standard sizes are 6', 8', 10' and 12' widths.

Aluminum Fencing Applications

Residential grade aluminum fencing is used for many applications. Swimming pool security is one of the most popular uses. The containment of pets and children is another popular use. Gardens and landscaping features is another place you'll find aluminum fence.

  • Swimming Pools
  • Pets
  • Children
  • Gardens

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