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Commercial Driveway Gates

Commercial driveway gates are great for providing security and controlling traffic. They also provide security to properties and give a visual deterrent.  As a result, helping to safeguard employees, customers and property alike.

commercial driveway gates
Security and Access

Security and Access Control Gates

Commercial driveway gates play a crucial role in maintaining the security and integrity of various types of properties. Swing gates, characterized by their hinged design, offer a traditional yet effective solution for controlling access to commercial premises.

Cantilever gates, on the other hand, operate without needing a track along the ground, making them suitable for uneven terrain or areas where debris accumulation could obstruct traditional sliding gates.

Barrier pipe gates are another common option, providing a sturdy barrier that restricts vehicle access.

Regardless of the type, these commercial driveway gates serve as physical barriers that deter unauthorized entry, preventing theft, vandalism, and trespassing. By controlling vehicular access, commercial driveway gates help maintain a safe environment for employees, customers, and assets within the property, contributing to peace of mind and the overall security posture of the business.

Enhanced Security

Driveway gates act as a physical barrier, restricting access to authorized personnel and vehicles only, thereby reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, and unauthorized entry.

Traffic Control

Commercial driveway gates help regulate the flow of vehicles in and out of the property, preventing congestion and ensuring smooth traffic management, particularly in busy commercial areas.

Property Protection

By limiting access to the premises, commercial driveway gates safeguard valuable assets, equipment, and inventory from theft, damage, or unauthorized use, contributing to overall property protection.


With a variety of styles and features available, commerical driveway gates can be tailored to suit the specific needs and aesthetic preferences of businesses, ensuring functionality and visual appeal.

Commercial and Industrial Driveway Gate Options

Commercial Swing Gates

A commercial double swing gate consists of two hinged panels that open from the center to allow vehicle access. It's commonly used at entrances of commercial properties, industrial facilities, and gated communities for traffic regulation and security. These commercial driveway gates control access to parking lots, loading docks, and restricted areas, providing a secure barrier against unauthorized entry while accommodating larger vehicles. 

commercial double drive galvanized chain link gates
cantilever estate gates

Cantilever Rolling Gates

A cantilever gate is a sliding gate that operates without a track along the ground. It's commonly used in commercial and industrial settings for controlled access and security. These gates are ideal for uneven terrain and areas where debris or snow accumulation is prevalent. Cantilever gates can cover larger gate openings than swing gates and are easier to operate. 

Barrier Pipe Gates

A barrier pipe gate is a simple gate consisting of a horizontal pipe mounted on posts. It's commonly used in commercial and industrial settings to control vehicle access, particularly in parking lots, construction sites, and warehouses. These gates regulate traffic flow, prevent unauthorized entry, and offer a cost-effective solution for temporary or semi-permanent access control needs.

barrier commercial driveway gate

Applications for Commercial Driveway Gates

Commercial driveway gates are commonly installed at various locations where controlled access and security are crucial. These include business and office complexes, industrial facilities and warehouses, educational institutions such as schools and universities, government buildings and military installations, as well as recreational facilities. These gates serve to regulate traffic flow, enhance security, and control access to the premises, contributing to the overall safety and protection of the property and its occupants.

  • Construction Sites
  • Schools / Public Buildings
  • Commercial Properties
  • Government / Military

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